anna university conduct the examination out of 100 marks.students they will write the examination out of 100 marks but actually the marks are converted into 80 .where is the remaining 20 marks . why they converted . because remaining 20 marks are the internal marks .internal marks examinations are conducted by the colleges out of 100 they are converted into 20 marks .it is provided by the colleges by many slats dependence upon some of the rules established by the anna university .


For all theory and practical courses the continuous assessment shall be for a maximum of
20 marks (consisting of 15 marks for tests/experiments and 5 marks for attendance). The
above continuous assessment shall be awarded as per the procedure given below

Theory Courses

Three tests each carrying 100 marks shall be conducted during the semester by
the Department / College concerned. The total marks obtained in all tests put
together out of 300, shall be proportionately reduced for 15 marks and rounded
to the nearest integer (This also implies equal weight age to all the three tests).

 Practical Courses:

Every practical exercise / experiment shall be evaluated based on the exercise /
experiment prescribed as per the syllabus and the records of work done
maintained. There shall be at least one test during the semester. The criteria for
arriving at the internal assessment marks (15 marks) shall be decided based on
the recommendation of the class committee and shall be announced at the
beginning of every semester by the Principal.

Internal Assessment for Theory Courses with Laboratory Component:

The maximum marks for Internal Assessment shall be 15 in case of theory
courses with Laboratory component.
If there is a theory course with Laboratory component, there shall be three tests:
the first two tests (each 100 marks) will be from theory portions and the third test
(maximum mark 100) will be for laboratory component. The sum of marks of first
two tests shall be reduced to 30 marks and the third test mark shall be reduced
to 30 marks. The sum of these 60 marks (Vide clause 11) may then be arrived at
for 15 and rounded to the nearest integer.

 Project Work:

The Principal shall constitute a review committee for each branch of study. There shall be
three reviews (each 100 Marks) during the semester by the review committee. The
student shall make presentation on the progress made by him / her before the committee.
The total marks obtained in the three reviews shall be reduced for 15 marks and
rounded to the nearest integer. (This also implies equal weight age to all the three
assessments), 5 marks shall be given for Attendance

how to know my marks?

you will divided 100 into 5 that is the your internal marks

how many marks i want to get pass in written examination?

internal marks and external marks both are fixed you are pass or fail.for example you will get 45 marks out of 100 in written examination then this is converted into [80] 35 marks your internal marks are 15 total 50 so you are pass that is the concept

total marks 100=internal[20]+external[80]

so students can concentrated both internal and external examination to score good grade of marks
students can also view your internal marks after when the anna university is published

how can i see my internal marks?

there is the steps to see your's internal marks

1.first students go to--- or

2.then select student login

3.enter your register number on login button

5.after successful login on internal mark

7.then you can see your internal marks details

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